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List of Irish Quaker books available from the Library

Title Publisher
& Date
Cost  & post type
The Irish Quakers by Maurice J Wigham  (2nd Edition 2003)
An outline history of the Society of Friends in Ireland and an introduction to Quakerism in general.  The author, a lifelong Quaker, was a teacher and headmaster of Newtown School Waterford for 17 years.     170 pages with illustrations. (260g)


Portlaw by Desmond G Neill
A 19th Century Quaker Enterprise based on a model village.  The Malcomson mill village of 1825 preceded the planned villages of Bessbrook and Sion Mills in Ulster and may have influenced the plans for Bournville.  Occasional paper No 1. 16 pages. (50g)
Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends during the Famine in Ireland in 1846 and 1847
The Committee published its report in 1852.  Republished in 1995 with an index added.  The full story of the Committee’s work during the famine years and afterwards.  530 pages. (1.1kg)
de Burca
€35.00ENote 1
Quaker relief work in Ireland’s Great Hunger by Rob GoodbodyOne of the seventy seven panels of the Quaker Tapestry depicts the potato famine of 1846-49.  This booklet summarizes the work done by the Central Relief Committee and explains the tapestry panel picture. 32 pages illustrated.  (80g) Quaker TapestryBooklets1995
A Suitable Channel by Rob Goodbody
Includes the extra material that would not fit inside the Quaker Tapestry booklet. Telling the story of the Quaker Central Relief Committee involvement in famine relief.
99 pages illustrated. (250g)
Pale Publishing1995
A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Quakers by Richard S Harrison2nd Edition includes the details of 300 Irish Friends from the 350 years of Quakers in Ireland.  Biographical details and anecdotes collected over a thirty year period are presented here in readable form.  123 pages. (370g)
Four Courts Press2008

History of the Religious Society of Friends in Lurgan by Arthur G Chapman
The first Quaker Meeting in Ireland was established in Lurgan in 1654.  Tells of the contribution Friends have made to the district over three and a half centuries.73 pages illustrated. (170g)
Lurgan Friends Meeting
Friends and 1798 by Glynn DouglasQuaker witness to non-violence in 18th Century Ireland.  Extracts from contemporary records and personal recollections of members of the Society of Friends of the 1798 uprising.
95 pages illustrated.  (240g)

James & Mary Ellis by Joan C Johnson
Quaker famine relief in Letterfrack.  An account of the Ellis response to the appalling destitution found in Co. Galway when, at the age of 56, James bought land and became a resident landlord in 1849.  81 pages illustrated.  (300g)
The Friendly Guide to Quakerism by Janet Cameron, Simon Lamb, Aidan McCartney & David Morton.
A 350 year history of the Society of Friends in 32 colourful pages of well chosen quotations and illustrations taken from the world wide family of Friends. A4 – 32 pages in colour. (190g)
Youth Committee
The Beginnings of Quakerism in 17th Century Ireland by John M Douglas
The address given at theTercentenary Conference in 1954.  It examines the background of the first fifty years of Quakers in Ireland.  Occasional Paper No 2 – A5 20 pages. (70g)
The Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland by David M Butler
The history and features of about 150 Meeting Houses and 100 known burial grounds used by Quakers in Ireland since they settled their first meetings in 1654.
254 A4 pages with extensive plans and sketches. (1.3kg)

100 Years and More–History of Friends in Portadown by Arthur G ChapmanAlthough the Meeting House in Portadown is only 100 years old, Friends have been active in the area for three and a half centuries. This is their story.71 A5 pages with many photographs.  (160g) Lurgan Friends Meeting2005
Victor Bewley’s Memoirs By Fiona Murdoch The life story of a well-known Dublin Friend (1912-1999) as told to his granddaughter, revealing a sensitive man with a quiet determination to help others.  The account includes his  vision for the family business, work with the Travelling community.  112 A5 pages (200g)

Ringing True – The Bells of Trummery and Beyond  By Bill Jackson350 years of the descendants of Archibald Bell, tanners, cotton and linen bleachers and spinners.  Their constancy as Friends at home and through emigration.240 pages illustrated.  (660g)
Sessions of York

Merchants, Mystics & Philanthropists –By Richard S Harrison350 years of Cork Quakers and their historic connection with Cork City and surroundings.235 pages illustrated. (570g)
Cork Monthly Meeting

Sean Harrington – Pacifist Quaker 1900 -1976  Edited by Charles B LambReminiscences of a war of independence veteran, who joined the IRA and rose to become a Section Commander.  Becoming interested in pacifism he discovered Friends and joined the Society in 1943.    36 A5 pages.  (90g) CBLServices,Roscrea,CoTipperary
The Annals of Ballitore – Edited by Mario Corrigan, Michael Kavanagh and Karel Kiely.   Being a compilation of Annals of Ballitore by Mary Leadbetter (1758-1826) and Ballitore and its Inhabitants Seventy Years Ago by Betsy Shackleton (1783-1843)320 pages (820g)
Kildare Co Library2009

The Richardsons of Bessbrook –By Richard S Harrison.An account of the Ulster linen industry 1845-1921 through three generations of the Richardson family outlining the development of Bessbrook village, involvement in temperance and the life of a Liberal MP.  235 pages (450g) Original Writing LtdDublin2009
Coming from the Silence – Edited by Ann Le Mare & Felicity McCartneyQuaker peace building iniatives in Northern Ireland 1969-2007.  Describes the history and working of four major projects: Quaker House Belfast, Ulster Quaker Service Committee, Quaker Peace Education Project.  185 A5 pages (450g) William SessionsYork2009
Quakers in Lisburn-Four centuries of Work and Witness by Arthur G ChapmanFriends arrived in the 1650’s and have been active in the area ever since.  The rise and disappearance of the outlying Meetings of Lisburn and its Monthly Meeting and its Friends down to the present day.  88 A5 pages (170g) Ulster Friends Home Mission2009
The Goodbodys Millers, merchants and manufacturers: The story of an Irish Quaker Family 1630-1950.  By Michael Goodbody.  The creators of the industrial complex in Clara, Co. Offaly and many other successful businesses, the Goodbodys made a remarkable contribution to the welfare of the people of Ireland.  532 pages (1,600 g).  Ashfield Press.  €40.


Note 1:   Available from Eamon de Burca, 27 Priory Drive, Blackrock, Co. DUBLIN.


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Other titles of Quaker interest are available from

The Quaker Bookshop, Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

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Books on Contemporary Quakerism


A Light that is Shining, by Harvey Gillman: an introduction to Quakers, from the light that guided them at their origins, to the present day; £5.00, P&P £0.85(3).

Portrait in Grey, by John Punshon; a good history of Quakerism, mainly British; £7.75, P&P £0.85(3).

Yours in Friendship, by Richard Allen; a series of letters that introduce Quakerism to new attenders; £5.00, P&P £0.80(3).

Coming Home, by Gerald Priestland; deals with many questions raised by those seeking to find out whether Quakerism is the path they wish to follow; £3.00, P&P £0.50(3).

Now We Are Quakers, Alastair Heron; the experiences and views of new members; £3.50; P&P £0.80(3).

Pictorial Guide to the Quaker Tapestry, EH Milligan; Quaker spiritual insights and history illustrated in 77 colourful embroidered panels; £12.95 P&P £1.50(3).

Current Practice

The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship, George Gorman; £5.25, P&P £0.80(3).

Quaker Faith and Practice, Britain Yearly Meeting; £9.50, P&P £3.00(3).

Faith in Action, Jonathan Dale; the author hopes to inspire readers to think more on how we live out our beliefs in our lives and develop a culture of mutual accountability; £10, P&P £1.50(3).

Philosophy, Belief

Light to Live by, Rex Ambler; how is the light of Christ within a person able to deal with the basic human problem of the ego? £5.00, P&P £1.00(3).

A Testament of Devotion, Thomas R Kelly; deeply inspirational essays urging us to centre our lives on God’s presence, find a quiet and stillness within modern life, and discover inner peace; £9.00, P&P £1.00(3).

What Jesus Means to Me, Friends Quarterly; a number of Friends speak of what Jesus means to them as a lived experience; £5.00, P&P £0.60(3).

Invitation of a Deeper Communion, Marcelle Martin; contemporary Friends seeking a deeper communion with God in worship, and early Friends experiencing the Divine Power and Presence in their meetings for worship; £2.75, P&P £0.60(3).

A compilation of 5 of Martin Lynn’s talks to Friends in Ireland, which he gave between 2000 and 2004 before his untimely death in 2005, has been made by his wife Alice Clark in conjunction with South Belast Ministry and Oversight. Martin Lynn owned the Quaker message deeply within his life and these papers document part of his spiritual journey. As a historian, Martin Lynn starts with his challenging message of early Friends and stresses that by looking to ‘the light within’ everyone can encounter God. In this precious legacy of Quaker papers delivered to Friends Meetings in Ireland, Martin Lynn urges modern Quakers to confidently reconnect with the living light experienced by early Friends. Speaking from is own experience he guides us to find ways to listen to the message of our Quaker forebears.

Martin Lynns Encountering the Light

The book “Encountering the Light: a journey taken” has been published by Sessions of York, Huntington Road, York, YO31 9HS, England. Their web-site is worth a look at and the specific reference to this book is at The book is available from them at £5.00, and for post and packing you add £2.50 in the UK for 1 book and £2 additionally per book for 2 or more. Overseas it is £3.80p by surface mail.

Peace is a Process, Sydney Bailey; £8.00, P&P £1.10(3).

The Journal of George Fox, ed JL Nickalls; £12, P&P £4.00(3). 

Quakerpsalms: a book of devotions, collected from George Fox’s Journal and Epistles; £6.50, P&P £0.60(3).

‘Testimony of a Whatnot’; an autobiography by Elizabeth Pritchard.

Published by the Home Mission Committee – Ulster Quarterly Meeting

The autobiography of a Lancashire girl, born into Edwardian England, who answered the call to be a Christian Missionary in India; in a lifetime of 96 years she was to witness the turmoil and changes from British Raj to independence, and this largely viewed from a remote dispensary in poverty stricken Bihar. Her gift for writing conveys the nature of the times, a love of India, a selfless dedication to service, and a very deep faith; it is a story which might make the reader query modern values.

Contact details for supply are: Elizabeth Scott 22 Whitla Road Lisburn Co Antrim BT28 3PP Tel +44 2892601864

UK retail selling price is £7.99 (Does not include P&P, please email for details)

Other Biographical

An Introduction to the Life and Works of George Fox, Christian Barclay; £1.95 P&P £0.60(3).

Elizabeth Fry, by June Rose; shows the human side of the well-known prison reformer; £9.50, P&P £1.25(3).

Prison pioneer: Elizabeth Fry, by June Rose; £2.00, P&P £0.60(5).

Quakers in Science and Industry, Arthur Raistrick; the fascinating story of enterprising, energetic and industrious Friends, their successes and failures; £10.00, P&P £3.30(3)

Shipbuilding in Waterford 1820-1882 by Bill Irish; three important Quaker shipbuilding enterprises(6).

W & R Jacob, 150 years of biscuit making; by Séamas Ó Maitiú (6)

Portlaw & the Malcomsons by Desmond Neill. A 19th Century Quaker Enterprise based on a model village. The Malcomson mill village of 1825 preceded the planned villages of Bessbrook and Sion Mills in Ulster and may have influenced the plans for Bournville. Occasional paper No 1 – 16 pages (50g). €3.00, £2.00 P+P €2.00, €2.50 GB Eur (1).

The Shipping Murphys* by Cornelius F Smith; the story of the Palgrave Murphy Shipping Line 1850-1926, which has numerous references to Quaker shipowners; Euro 30 (6)

Thomas Edmondson and the Dublin Laundry*, a Quaker businessman 1837-1908, by Mona Hearn; Irish Academic Press, 236pp HB, NPG (6).

The Story of the Court Laundry by Robert Tweedy. Henry Cecil Watson owned and ran this laundry, located in Harcourt Street, Dublin, from 1907 to 1961. Robert Tweedy was manager for 28 years from 1933. He details the changes in the laundry business and also throws light on the great social change that took place in the period. 159 pages, ISBN 0-86327-756-X (6).

(2) From Eamonn de Burca, 27 Priory Drive, Blackrock, Co Dublin (P & P Extra); see also (3) Some of the above, and many others, are available from the Quaker Bookshop, Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ in London, which maintains a web-site with remote purchasing procedures under development. Phone 020 7663 1031; e-mail:; fax: 020 7663 1001. (4) FromVeritas, 7/8 Lr Abbey St, Dublin 1, see also (5) From Quaker Tapestry, Stramongate, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4BH, England; see also (6) From commercial bookshops.


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